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Utah Luxury homes

Utah Luxury homes

Building a New Home in St. George Utah

New Home Construction in St. George Utah

Here at www.HotHomesofStGeorge.com we strive to achieve the best service in the St. George Utah Real Estate market. By doing so, not only do we help our clients find the best priced homes for sale in Southern Utah, but we also like to provide additional options as well. Some of our clients just can't seem to find that "perfect home" that they've been searching for. In which case we suggest building instead of buying. Lately, New construction has been going crazy, and as a result, so have the new construction building costs in St. George. There are many factors when determining the value of the homes for sale in St. George Utah, and Southern Utah.

Probably the biggest factor is "location, location, location".  Identical homes in different neighborhoods, or different areas of the city, can have a significant price difference just because of its location. Other obvious factors include:

  • Age of the home (what year it was built)New Home Construction in St. George Utah
  • Size (sq. footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, living room, family room, etc.)
  • Materials used to build the home (granite vs. formica, travertine vs. linoleum, etc)
  • The condition of the home (and how well it was taken care of)
  • Yard (pool, no pool, child friendly, landscaping, trees, private backyard, etc)
  • Location (Views, shopping nearby, freeway access, proximity to schools, parks, etc)
  • Comps (what other homes in the same neighborhood are selling for)

Many of our clients that can't seem to find that perfect house for one reason or another elect to build instead of buy, for many of the following reasons:

When you build a new home in Southern Utah, you'll work with a builder to create a custom home that has all the features you want.  Depending on your budget, you can customize every aspect of your new home down to a T or you can choose from a range of already-existing floor plans and features. The home building process can take as little as a few months or several months (depending on the size).

Home building Advantages:

  • Location: Building a home lets you choose the area, AND neighborhood of where you want to live, including incredible views, and/or a private backyard. At this point you will also get to choose what size of lot you'll want or need. Pool anyone?
  • Style: Building allows you to choose the style of your house. Curb appeal- Tuscan? South western? Adobe? Old school Lithuanian?  
  • Design: Building a home lets you have control over all the features and options that will affect you on a daily basis, including the floor plan, size of the home, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, or garage space you want and need. Even the color of your home, inside and out. And of course Landscaping.
  • Materials: Building a new home allows you to choose the materials used in construction of your home, including upgrades (and price). Granite, Travertine, fireplace, covered patio, pool, landscaping, firemans pole, etc.
  • Value: All things being equal, newer home retain their value, and appreciate better than older homes.
  • Expert advice:  You'll have the expertise of the builder, contractors, and an architect to guide you.  Have peace of mind knowing that the pros are thinking about code, permits, and energy efficiency -- not you.

Right now in the St. George Utah MLS, you can find homes anywhere from $100/sq. ft. (on the low end, up to $400/Sq. foot for the high end). Most of the short-sale and foreclosure (now less then 5% of the market) properties in St. George are about $100-$130 a sq. foot. and the majority of those need a lot of repairs to get them up to par. To build a new home in St. George right now with all the upgrades (Granite, Travertine, fireplace, 3 car garage, etc) it is roughly $125 sq. foot, not including the lot. We can also help you find a great deal on the lot as well. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to know more about building prices, and what's included in a standard home (Our affiliated builders in Southern Utah include most of the upgrades that people are looking for as a standard).

The preferred builders on our list are among the Top builders in Southern Utah (if not the best). They have proven track records, and great building reputations within the community of St. George and Southern Utah. They specialize in energy efficient single family homes, with many of the upgrades most buyers have come to expect, at a VERY competitive price (giving you the most bang for your buck). If not, we wouldn't be associated with them since our reputation is on the line as well.

New Home Construction in St. George Utah        New Home Construction in St. George Utah

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If you would like additional information about building options, or building information for new homes in St. George, or Southern Utah, please call us at (435) 862-3303 or email us at HotHomesofstg@aol.com


New Home Construction in St. George Utah



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