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Why use a Realtor?

Many people only associate realtors with the home selling process. As a buyer, it’s just as important and beneficial to use your own realtor for MANY different reasons. The biggest advantage is that it costs the buyer NOTHING to use our services.

The “seller” (whether it’s the homeowner or bank) pays the commission to both the sellers and buyers agents which is usually 3% each. 

Other beneficial reasons to use our Southern Utah Realtors include:

Most importantly, you can use our experience, expertise, and knowledge throughout the entire real estate transaction. We also work closely with other excellent professionals in the real estate industry. We can align you with the necessary professionals to help ensure the transaction runs smoothly. Some examples include: lenders, appraisers, title companies etc.  

We work as your legal representation. With our knowledge and experience of purchasing homes, we are here to help you understand ALL the legal documents of the purchase agreement (REPC). This includes documents like offers and counteroffers, contract deadlines, addendums, due diligence, etc.

We are experts in negotiating properties. (Knowing what to offer and why) There are a number of different factors that go into negotiation. Some of them include: price, financing conditions, any repair agreements, special terms of the sale, etc. The purchase agreement also gives you a timeline to complete the necessary inspections and inquiries before the purchase is complete. Our knowledge with these terms and procedures will allow us to recommend the most important inspections.

We are knowledgeable and up-to-date with current market trends. We understand what homes are selling for, and why. There are so many factors that change market trends. We will ensure you are updated and kept in the loop throughout the entire transaction. This knowledge also allows us to provide you with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), which compares the properties you are interested in to other properties and areas and explains any price difference.

We can help you find the right home with our extensive search. We locate homes through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but also find “For Sale by Owners” to meet your specific needs. We search for you, which saves you time and money. Once we find out what your style, tastes, and preferences are, we will be able to show you the homes that best suit your needs.

We go to closing with you. We will review the closing documents in detail to guarantee accuracy. We want the transaction to be as smooth as possible, and will be there every step of the way.

We match you up with qualified, reliable, and excellent lenders to help you get the financing you need. They will first pre-qualify you to determine what you can afford. This will help us narrow your search to find the home that best suits you.

Use our observations and experience to your advantage. We have seen it all; The good, the bad, and the ugly. We can identify the good and bad qualities of a home. We may also help envision and suggest simple changes that would make the home more suitable for you, which would consequently improve the quality and value of the home.

We also provide you with the appropriate due diligence during the assessment of the home. This includes all the documents involving contracts, negotiating the terms, deadlines, title report, and any other necessary documents. Many times, in certain areas, this includes inspections for various potential problems. Some examples are roof conditions, termite, and asbestos inspections. There are many other tests that it may include and we can assist you in seeking the most qualified and reliable profession to perform the inspection. We also work very closely with the title company to ensure all possible issues are addressed to avoid problems later. 

With all of the confusing elements of buying a home, it’s essential to work with our network of professional who know the market conditions, the community and much more. Please give us a call @ (435) 862-3303 or contact us today!



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