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Competitive or Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

A Competitive Market analysis is the process that is used by real estate agents, and appraisers to estimate the value of a property.  A CMA is completed by reviewing all recent property sales in an area and determining what a typical sized house is selling for given such items as:

·        Location of the property (neighborhood, views, shopping, street access, schools)

·        Square footage (or size of the home)

·        Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage space

·        The condition and age of the home

·        Materials used (Travertine vs Linoleum, Granite vs Formica)

·        Amount of land etc. (including amenities such as community common areas, water rights, etc) 


By the end of a CMA, the Real estate agent, or appraiser will be able to estimate the value of all properties in an area.  Your property taxes are determined by CMA studies done over the entire county you live in. 


To receive a FREE, no obligation Competitive Market Analysis (also known as a CMA), please CLICK HERE and submit your property information, and we will e-mail you a CMA of your property.

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