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 Top 10 mistakes sellers make 

If want to sell your home in St. George Utah, now is the perfect time to prepare. For most people, a home is their largest lifetime investment, yet many home sellers make costly mistakes when trying to cash in. Here is a list of the most significant errors and how to avoid them:

mistake # 1: Trying to sell their own home.
Some people are able to sell their own home, but many aren't. Statistics also show that those sellers who are successful in selling their home without a real estate agent net less than sellers who use a professional.

You probably visit a doctor when you are sick. You are also likely to take your car to a mechanic for repair and maintenance. When you require legal advice, chances are that you seek the services of an attorney. Doesn't it make sense that you should contact one of our St. George Realtors when preparing to sell your biggest asset?

mistake # 2: Choosing the wrong agent.
Don't make selling a home more difficult by choosing the wrong agent. You want an agent who works for you and understands your needs and goals. It's important to choose an agent with a solid marketing plan and track record to sell your home. Our Realtors have the knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Southern Utah Real Estate Market. We specialize in marketing and advertising to qualified buyers here in the St. George Utah Real Estate market. In addition, Our Realtors will keep you updated and alert with every step of the selling process.

mistake # 3: Over Pricing their Home.
Many times, people make their pricing decisions based on how much they paid for their home, or on how much time and money they have invested in their home. This can be an expensive mistake. Overpriced homes take longer to sell and eventually net the seller less money. Consult with a professional you trust and listen to their opinion. They can assist you in pricing your home correctly from the beginning.

mistake # 4: Failing to make a first impression.
It’s very important for potential buyers to be immediately impressed by the appearance of your home. Thoroughly clean and prepare your home before you put it on the market if you want top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Make necessary repairs and cosmetic touch-ups before putting your house on the market. Also, remember to remove personal items such as family photos, sports trophies, knick-knacks and souvenirs.  The potential buyers need to be able to envision the home as their own. The basic rule of thumb is that for every one hundred dollars in repairs your home needs, the buyer will reduce their offer by three to five hundred. Do everything you can to avoid losing money.

mistake # 5: Signing a listing contract with no way out.

Many real estate agents want you to sign a listing contract with no way out. Things may not go perfectly, so patience and understanding is important when selling a home. But staying with the wrong agent can cost you valuable time and money. Ask potential agents about your options if you aren't happy with their performance to avoid signing a contract with no way out.

mistake # 6:  Failing to take the first offer seriously.
Many sellers believe that the first offer received will be one of many to come. This is especially true if the offer comes in soon after the home is listed. Often the first offer is the best offer, and many sellers have had to accept less money than the initial offer much later in the selling process.  Homes are most saleable early in the marketing period so don't fail to take the first offer seriously.

mistake # 7: Not leaving the home for showings.
It is always best to leave the house during showings. Home buyers feel awkward about opening closet doors and lingering for a really good look at the house if the seller is there. Give the buyers adequate time and freedom to view your home without being present to avoid this mistake.

mistake # 8: Not knowing all of their legal rights and obligations.
Real Estate contracts are often very detailed and complex, and once signed, they become legally binding. Real Estate law is complex. Small items that are neglected in a contract can wind up costing you thousands of dollars. You should consult a knowledgeable professional who has experience with Southern Utah Real Estate laws and transactions. If you work with a good agent you will be educated along the way and avoid these mistake.

mistake # 9: Leaving unpleasant odors.
House odors are big on the uh-oh list. And narrowing it down, odors from cigarette smoke and pets take top billing, with mildew not far behind. If you smoke in the house the smell can offend non-smokers. If you have pets, it might smell, even if you don't notice it. Ask someone who doesn't live there (and don't get angry when they tell you the truth). There's only one solution, Eradicate the odors so that you can present buyers with a clean, fresh atmosphere, not a house that's full of perfumes and candles to cover up the smell. Take the time and effort to eliminate odors and avoid this mistake.

mistake # 10: Not having curb appeal.

You must grab their interest from the curb if you want top dollar. Buyers often refuse to go into a house with an un-kept yard, sagging doors or peeling paint. You say you can't afford to paint? Okay, but get that yard in tip-top shape and grab a screwdriver to fix those doors. These small details can make all the difference in how many buyers even consider viewing the inside.



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