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10 tips to help you get prepared for a Sale


It doesn't take long for a prospective buyer to form an opinion about your house. Here's how you can tilt the odds in your favor by making your home appeal to the widest clientele possible.

Prospective home buyers form an opinion about the home you're selling in 15 seconds, by one estimate. And the clock starts ticking at the curb -- even before the home buyers get in the house. So how do you tilt the playing field in your favor? Increasingly, it's by staging your home.

Generally speaking, staging means making your home as appealing as possible, as quickly as possible, to the broadest clientele you can.

"In this market now, staging is desperately needed even more so, because it's so competitive,"


Here are 10 tips to help you get prepared for a Sale:


1.      Use a "buyer's eye"-Don't rely on your own judgment in terms of how your home is presented to a buyer. Our homes are like children; we often don't see their flaws, as they are our own. It is important to have someone provide candid feedback about the showing of your home. You'll need to fix any issues with flooring, walls, peeling paint or wallpaper, lighting, windows, etc. You'd better believe a buyer will notice all of these items as they step into your home for the first time. Call a handyman if necessary but be sure to eliminate leaks and creaks.

2.      Clean Up- Ensure that your house is the cleanest is has ever been. We're talking Q-tip clean. It is a large job so hire a cleaning company if you have to that specializes in move in/move out services. Any sort of mold, dirt, dust and stuffiness will immediately turn off buyers. Bathrooms and kitchens must sparkle! If what a buyer sees is clean they'll assume that what they haven't seen is also clean.

3.      Curb Appeal is #1-A buyer's first impression is a lasting one! Catching your buyers before they walk in is a must. Landscaping must be pruned, flowers blooms in urns by the front door, entryway clutter-free and well lit. If you don't catch their attention on the outside they are more likely to not want to see what is on the inside. Freshen door and shutter paint, repair a cracked or uneven walkway, provide polished or new door hardware, doormat, and a seasonal wreath for the perfect look. Let your home speak "I'm as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside".

4.      Light the way-Lighting creates warmth in a home therefore it is a must that you have sparkling clean windows; remove the screens for more light to pass through. A well-lit room always shows better and using table and floor lamps can added much needed light. If you need more light, buy lamps.

5.      Have a Fantastic Floor plan-Your home needs to have a natural flow that moves throughout your home with a clear access to entrance and exit. Less is more! By removing excess furniture your home will appear larger.

6.      Clutter Control-Since buyers buy on emotion, they cannot see past rooms of "your stuff". Remove all clutter on counters, tabletops and floors. Especially remember to remove all items that are personal, religious, or political in nature. This distracts the buyer as they evaluate your personal items, instead of the home.

7.      Play Music-When showing your home at an Open House or showing remember to leave the TV off but do leave some soft music on a low volume setting. This will create a relaxing mood and will distract the buyer from any outside noise or traffic.

8.      Fresh Flowers-Strategically place fresh flowers and greenery wherever possible. Do focus on main rooms such as the Master Bedroom, Master bathroom, Kitchen and living/dining room areas. This will finish off the look of a well designed and maintained home. Use good quality silk flowers if real are too expensive.

9.      Eliminate Odor-Before showing your home ensure that you open all the windows for fresh air circulation. This will help minimize any cooking, smoke or pet odor. Have all of your carpets replaced or professionally cleaned before showing your home. In addition, place a lightly scented candle in the kitchen.

10.  Hot or Cold?-Before you leave your home for a showing ensure that the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature. If you like the A/C or Heat high, a buyer may not. Ensure it is set for the buyer and not for you. Don't distract your buyer having them wonder what is wrong with your HVAC system.


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